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We originally lived in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada. Opening a cafe is always our dream. With a passion for Asia drinks and snacks, we decide to open a bubble tea cafe as a start of our dream, TeaCup2go. Founded in 2013, TeaCup2Go is a small but unique place for serving hometown taste drinks to our customers. Believing in creativity and quality, we dedicate our team to craft a unique authentic mix of drinking experiences for all of our customers using fresh ingredients—taking you on a refreshing journey like no other.

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Uniquely Delicious Bubble Tea Experience

TeaCup2Go is a one-of-a-kind Bubble Tea Cafe establishment with a menu inspired by the idea of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Canadian taste of drinks. We take pride in our ability to discover different unique flavors from around Asia and share them in Canada. We specialize in preparing a variety of special bubble tea including homemade Hong Kong-style Milk Tea (Milk Teapuccino), Fresh Fruit Smoothie (Fruit Explosion), and Asia-flavored Coco Milk Drink (Dinosaur Tea-Rex).

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